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I'm pretty sure that research shows that people don't actually care to read the "about me" section of a website unless it's providing a benefit to the reader. Now that we've both established that we're are here for own benefit let's move on. You should also understand that you should be fully aware that most of this website is written with a healthy dose of cynicism and is rarely proof read.

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I started my career defining ruggedized and militarized communications systems for the aviation and ground vehicle markets in the defense and aerospace industry. I took joy in the challenges that were brought on by working to integrate new products and features with legacy systems while trying to keep schedules and budgets practical. Later I moved to IT consulting with Deloitte. As a consultant I helped define the enterprise architecture for one of the largest electronic health records. I also worked with a financial services oversight agency as the lead requirements manager and change request manager. Now I currently work as a technical project manager for a web design agency in DC.  I work with Drupal and other open source frameworks as well as .NET enterprise solutions.

In my free time you’ll find me roaming the streets of DC, or other major cities with a film camera in hand and a coffee in the other hand. You also might find me in a local dive bar or foodery.

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