Half Way Through Python Development Bootcamp

By Max

At the end of July I started Python Development Bootcamp at PDX Code Guild. They are a 12 week programing bootcamp in Portland, OR focused on Full Stack software development utilizing Python, Django, JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

I posted at the end of the first week why I made this decision. I’m still very happy with my decision and I have no regrets for making this decision.

What we’ve covered thus far in the course:

  • Python
  • Core Computer Science Concepts e.g. merge sort, binary search
  • Design concepts e.g. UML, Flow Charts
  • Design patterns e.g. MVC
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript, yes plain JavaScript
  • JQuery

What am I really liking?

I really do enjoy all of it. I do really like JavaScript and Python thus far. The python is no surprise since I’ve been working with it since 2012. However now that I’ve taken the time to actually learn JavaScript I’m surprised at how much I actually like it.

What am I liking the least?

HTML and CSS at my least favorite to work with. However I did discover that I liked CSS way more than I expected. It’s fun and surprisingly a lot more like geometry than I’d expected.

Looking Forward to Future Positions

I’m really hoping that I’ll find a position with a mix of Python, JavaScript and Linux.