How To Use Thunar to Right Click Scale Images

As a project manager I spend about half of my day taking screenshot of bugs. My favorite screenshot tool of choice is Shutter. Primarily because it has an nice lightweight editor that has an incremental number placement tool that lets me annotate my screenshots.

However Shutter doesn't actually scale images. If you want to upload this to your ticketing system and then embed it inline that's pretty big if you have a big screen resolutions. For me I have a 1080 width and generally that's just way to big for an inline image. Previously I would just avoid having an inline image. I discovered you can create custom actions with the file manager Thunar.

Here's how to set up a custom action with Thunar File Manager

  1. Fire up a Thunar Window
  2. Custom Actions
  3. Click the "+"
  4. Now you can create the Custom Action:
    • Give it a name, this is what appears in the right click menu
    • Give a Description
    • Command convert -antialias -density 600 %f -resize 600 resized-%f #do note this replaces the exiting file.
  5. Go to Advanced, set the file type of images Now your done and you'll get a pretty dropdown like this: selfportrait

Now you've got a custom action to scale images for web uploads, enjoy!.